A while back I was so frustrated at the fact I just can’t seem to ever remember my reusable bags when I go shopping. I have a TON of them at home and usually a few hiding in my car, but I don’t think of it until I get to the checkout and am asked if I need any bags.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. goes through 100 BILLION PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS ANNUALLY. An estimated 12 million barrels of oil is required to make that many plastic bags. So why is four out of every five grocery bags in the US still plastic?!

So knowing I needed to make a change, I reached out to my Facebook fans and asked for help. Here are some of the best tips that were shared! If you have a tip that could help please comment below this post so I can add it to the list. My favorite is #1, but I already see that one being a problem for me because I also tend to forget my list ūüôā

10 Simple Tips

1. Put ‘bring bags’ on the top of your grocery list. Don’t get the second item on your list until you get your first item, even if they are still in the car!

2. Put the bags on top of your wallet or purse when you are heading to the store. That way when you go to grab your wallet you take the bags too.

3. Buy lightweight bags that are easy to carry like these ones.

4. Put several bags in the trunk of your car so you never leave home without some.

5. Put a post it note on the dash that reads ‘grab bags’

6. Have a couple cute small ones in your purse like these ones.

7. If you forget your bags and get to the check out, put your cart aside and walk out to the car. After losing your place in line a few times you will start to remember those bags!

8. Use one as your purse to go into the store- put your purse (or the stuff from it) into the largest bag, along with the other bags

9. If you have an IPhone you have “reminders” which you can set to alert you when you “arrive” at a location (enter market address)

10. Fold them and put them between the drivers seat and the center console so they are readily available when you arrive at the store or market.

Which is your favorite tip?
Do you have anything to add? Comment below so I can keep adding to the list.