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Simple Craft Greenhouse

We planted seeds inside this year in preparation for our vegetable garden, but we missed out on watching the first stages of the seed life cycle! ⁣

So we made a few of these simple greenhouses and have them hanging on the windows. Each morning the kids grab their Garden Journal from @raising_up_wild_things and note down the changes that they see. ⁣In a couple more days we are going to try and transplant it into soil. No idea if it will survive the move. ⁣
What you need:⁣
• seed (peas, green beans and sunflower all germinate quickly) ⁣
• plastic bag ⁣
• paper-towel ⁣
• water ⁣
• paper ⁣

1. Soak a folded piece of paper towel in water. Place 2 seeds on the paper towel. ⁣
2. Place the towel and seeds inside of a sealable plastic bag and do your best to release as much air as possible before sealing. This will help the seeds stay on the paper towel when you hang it. ⁣
3. Decorate a piece of paper (card stock is best) however you would like. We cut ours slightly to have the shape of a house. ⁣
4. Cut out the middle and tape your pastic bag behind it. Hang somewhere that gets sunlight! ⁣
5. Watch your plant grow!⁣

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